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Premium Coaching:


Your nutrition approach is entirely personalised for you, by me.

Outsource to an Accredited Dietitian, Sports Dietitian and Nutritionist who understands that good nutrition can be easy, flexible and delicious. 

You'll receive a combination of guides, resources and videos at strategic points to support your journey. My goal is to help you create a solid nutrition foundation for life that will extend beyond coaching.


Designed to take you to the next level and transform your physique 

From complete beginner, to weights lover, recreational athlete or marathon runner. Exercise coaching is suitable for any level of fitness.

Get off the proverbial merry-go-round of overtraining, excess cardio and lack of intentional programming. Your program will be designed around your preferences, training history, and goal outcomes to get you to your fittest physique effectively.

My Service Guarantee

You have my guidance every step of the way.  

Everyone is different, but the one thing that remains consistent is the incredible results people achieve when knowledge is combined with accountability.

This isn't a cookie-cutter program and I'm not the kind of coach that charges you for a macronutrient calculation & then disappears.

I'm 100% confident that you'll love coaching, but if you have any questions, please fill out the coaching application below and ask away. 

I look forward to getting you started on your journey!


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Exercise Coaching

from $69/week

  • Personalised exercise programming 
  • Resistance training for gym or home
  • Cardio program designed to optimise your fitness goals
  • Optional running program for 5km, 10km or half marathon training
  • Optional step goal
  • Bonus form feedback
  • Weekly online check-in
  • Bonus messaging support

Combined Coaching

from $129/week

  • All inclusions from Exercise Coaching & Nutrition Coaching


Nutrition Coaching

from $99/week

  • Personal nutrition strategy for your goals
  • Multi-phase nutrition programming 
  • Flexible meal plan based on your calories & macronutrients targets o make nutrition easy
  • Optional food diary feedback
  • Bonus nutrition education video weekly
  • Bonus family-friendly recipe meal plans
  • Weekly online check-in
  • Bonus messaging support
What previous clients have said about coaching:

-Georgia G. 

”Prior to working closely with Dom, I struggled with healthy eating - what to eat and portion sizes.

At the beginning I was hesitant to sign up because in the past I haven’t been able to stick to anything longer than a few weeks, but in a short amount of time working with Dom I was able to lose 9kgs in 6 weeks!!

Throughout the past 12 weeks Dom has been my number 1 support and has been able to guide me throughout the entire process.

I highly recommend coaching with Dom to anyone who is looking at weight loss, nutrition education or looking to start a healthier lifestyle!

-Bronwyn U.

Before I started with Dom, I would simply eat what I thought were “healthy foods”. I would exercise regularly but never really see any dramatic physique changes. I would then attempt to train harder and for longer, only to find the same result. Since starting with Dom I have lost 5kg and seen a dramatic change in my body composition.

Dom has been so encouraging and understanding throughout this whole process. I’ve loved all her recipes and the flexibility it allows.

Dom provides prompt feedback every week with a focus on education. I have learnt more about nutrition in the last couple of months than I did in my Exercise Physiology and Physio degrees.

I think most people have opinions on what a “balanced/healthy diet” should look like, but unless you’re hearing it from a qualified dietitian you’re just fumbling around hoping to find a quick fix solution.

I feel so much more in control of my diet and my lifestyle. Dom has taught me how to MAINTAIN a healthy diet, even when “life” gets in the way. This is not a short-term change, it’s something I will keep up for the rest of my life!

I would highly recommend Dom! Even if you don’t think you need to lose weight or change your physique. The knowledge she imparts to you is PRICELESS!

-Kate H.

I came across Dom a few months ago where I was over-exercising and had a very bad relationship with food and my body. I had worked with multiple coaches and nutritionist prior to working with Dom and had not seen any results, specifically in regards to my relationship with food or my body composition.

I wanted to find someone who would have the persistence, kindness and patience as well as belief in me. Well, I have found her and she is absolutely incredible!!

Since working with Dom I have developed a better relationship with food and along side this have made the most progress and seen the best results I have in YEARS!!

I like the way her feedback and her approach is targeted specifically at an individual. Dom’s approach to nutrition is also realistic and sustainable and it clearly works and gets results.

What I absolutely love the most is the constant support, communication, check ins, adaptability and for me most importantly her belief and persistence.

I am currently looking the best, weighing the lightest and am eating more than I ever have and enjoying it all. 

Where could you be in 12 weeks? 


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Don’t wait! Start your transformation today. 


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