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fuel yourself to evolve into your next level self, for life.


Targeted nutrition & training for fat loss & muscle gain.

Feel amazing from the inside out, gain confidence & maintain your hard work for life.

Dietitian // Sports Dietitian // Nutritionist // Personal Trainer // Online Coach

I'm Dom

My purpose is to empower women to ditch the fads, fuel themselves properly and level up their health & confidence.

My methods combine structure, flexibility and clear guidance for long-term results. It's not just about the goal transformation, it's about maintaining your hard work for life.

I have coaching, programs & masterclasses to support your transformation at all stages of your journey.

I've helped hundreds of women become their best selves, and now it's your turn.

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for top-tier service & results: 1:1 coaching

Coaching: exercise, nutrition, or both combined. 

Payment plans (+$10/week) or paid in full.

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