Snacks #020: Steal This 3-Step Flexible Nutrition Strategy

Feb 27, 2024

Firstly, imagine this (the same mistake 80% of people make):


You’ve calculated your macros to the GRAM.


You’ve meticulously planned your meals to meet your carbohydrates, protein and fats.


You’re feeling CONFIDENT.


Then all of a sudden...


It gets to dinner time and your 1/2 fat kewpie has RUN out and you have to use full fat kewpie.




This throws out your macros by FIVE GRAMS and it’s all over


You’ve ruined your day and you may as well eat a whole tub of icecream and start again tomorrow :( 


Poor strategy, right?



Avoid this trap by trying my 3-step flexible nutrition strategy:


Step 1: Calculate macronutrient minimums.


This means you can achieve the functional outcomes for your protein, carbs, and fats, and you have wiggle room for your meals, snacks (or for when things don’t go to plan!)


For example: 

Let’s say you’re eating maintenance calories (2000) and these are your minimums*:  


  • Your protein is min 2g/kg: 120g minimum
  • Your fats are min 0.5g/kg: 30g minimum
  • Your carbs are 140g minimum 


(*This is a general example and may not be suitable for your goals)


Step 2: Work out your spare/flexible calories left over

As your minimums above work out to be approx 1300 calories, you have another 700 calories of flexibility 

Step 3: Use the spare calories towards your functional nutrition goals (or soulfoods)




For the full infographic with examples for muscle building, general wellness, and hormonal health, see this link here


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