1:1 Coaching: Exercise & Nutrition (12 weeks minimum)

Total Transformation.

Let's leverage your nutrition, exercise, and accountability to support you in becoming the best version of you. 

What you'll get:

  • All of the inclusions outlined in Nutrition Coaching (personal meal plans, regular recipe plans, nutrition education videos, food diary feedback, weekly check-ins)
  • All of the inclusions outlined in Exercise Coaching (personalised exercise program with cardio and resistance training designed for maximum results, form feedback, weekly check-ins)
  • You are getting a complete lifestyle overhaul, for incredible results.

Leave your coaching experience feeling confident, happy and fulfilled.

The future you will be sure it's the best thing you ever did for yourself. Don't believe me? Read the genuine reviews from some of my amazing clients at the bottom of the page.

Run, don't walk, because coaching places are limited.


This is a 12-week MINIMUM sign-up. Cancellation requires 2 week's notice in writing via email to [email protected]

What People Are Saying:

Prior to working closely with Dom, I struggled with healthy eating - what to eat and portion sizes. At the beginning I was hesitant to sign up because in the past I haven’t been able to stick to anything longer than a few weeks, but in a short amount of time working with Dom I was able to lose 9kgs in 6 weeks!! Throughout the past 12 weeks Dom has been my number 1 support and has been able to guide me throughout the entire process. I highly recommend coaching with Dom to anyone who is looking at weight loss, nutrition education or looking to start a healthier lifestyle!

Georgia Gioutsos

I would highly recommend Dom’s online 12 week coaching. I signed up hoping to receive guidance, structure and a coach to help nudge me along a small weight loss journey. I received all of that and more. This is the first program/coaching I’ve ever done that’s educated me along the way and shown me how to properly nourish my body while losing weight. I am really happy with how far I’ve come and really believe it’s the beginning for me. I’m down 4kg and have cut cm off my body measurements. I wore a bikini for the first time in my life as a result of this program. The true results though have come from the epiphanies along the way that have helped me understand my relationship with food and is a result of all the reflection and thought Dom prompts you to do as part of the program. Stop the crash dieting and start here with this program. Worth every cent.


I came across Dom a few months ago where I was in a pretty poor mental state which included over-exercising and a very bad relationship with food and my body. I had been with multiple coaches and nutritionist prior to working with Dom and had not seen any results, specifically in regards to my relationship with food or my body composition. I wanted to find someone who would have the persistence, kindness and patience as well as belief in me. Well, I have found her and she is absolutely incredible!! Since working with Dom I have developed a better relationship with food and along side this have made the most progress and seen the best results I have in YEARS!! Dom has a lot of knowledge around what she is doing and there is a reason why she tells people to do certain things. I like the way her feedback and her approach is targeted specifically at an individual. Dom’s approach to nutrition is also realistic and sustainable and it clearly works and gets results. What I absolutely love the most about her is the constant support, communication, check ins, adaptability and for me most importantly her belief and persistence. I am currently looking the best, weighing the lightest and am eating more than I ever have and enjoying it all. Dom is so amazing at what she does I have just recently decided to not only work with her in regards to my nutrition but I have also just asked to work with her for an exercise program as well. I cannot wait to see what more we can achieve together on this journey!

Kate Hughes

Before I started with Dom, I would simply eat what I thought were “healthy foods” - limit processed foods, everything in moderation, try to fit in fruit and veg etc. I never thought I was overweight or out of shape, but definitely had areas I wished were a little more toned/leaner. I would exercise regularly but never really see any dramatic physique changes. I would then attempt to train harder and for longer, only to find the same result. Since starting with Dom I have lost 5kg and seen a dramatic change in my body composition. I have not been this size since I was in high school. I signed up for Dom’s “nutrition only” plan, I have not changed my exercise routine, I have simply focused on my diet/nutrition. I have never had results like this from any exercise regime I have done. Dom has been so encouraging and understanding throughout this whole process. Her coaching/nutrition app is really easy to follow. I’ve loved all her recipes and the flexibility it allows. Dom provides prompt feedback every week with a focus on education. I have learnt more about nutrition in the last couple of months than I did in my Exercise Physiology and Physio degrees. I think most people have opinions on what a “balanced/healthy diet” should look like, but unless you’re hearing it from a qualified dietitian you’re just fumbling around in the dark hoping to find a quick fix solution to why you can’t shift weight or change your physique. I feel so much more in control of my diet and my lifestyle. Dom has taught me how to MAINTAIN a healthy diet, even when “life” gets in the way. This is not a short-term change, it’s something I will keep up for the rest of my life! I would highly recommend Dom! Even if you don’t think you need to lose weight or change your physique. The knowledge she imparts to you is PRICELESS!

Bronwyn Uhlhorn

$139.00 AUD

Every week

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All coaching payment commitments are a minimum of 12 weeks payment as it is a coaching package that you are paying off.

For example, in the first week alone you will receive $600 of value and resource provision to help set you up for coaching (meal plans, exercise program, recipe plans, assessment, videos, additional resources)

Not doing check-ins, using resources, or not to complete the 12 weeks does not mean that you are entitled to a partial payment or can stop your payments. This is a legally binding contract and you are obligated to pay to completion.

If life gets in the way of coaching and you cannot continue, I will allow you to utilise the additional weeks of coaching at a time in the next 12 months of your choosing. This must be communicated and agreed to at the time by both parties- not in retrospect, and is subject to my discretion.

This is an ongoing contract and cancellation requires two week's advance notice. It is your responsibility to notify the intent to cancel in writing to [email protected] for the admin to action this cancellation for you.

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